Private one-to-one

We offer adults the choice of getting a personal coach, who is focused on giving you all the attention that you need. Our coaching sessions are tailored towards each individual's learning pace, communication style and objectives. Whether it is learning a new strategy, improving your skills or simply for the fun of it, our coaches are always there by your side to ensure you get the best out of each session.


  • Introduction to the game (naming of lines & dimensions)
  • Coordination drills / footwork 
  • Technique practice e.g. forehand/backhand
  • Mini games
  • Serve / smash
  • Introduction to the variations of grips
  • Introduction to scoring, point system through rally and play

Private pair/group

Learning tennis in pairs or groups can be great fun, even for adults. You not only get a good workout and improve your game, this gives you the perfect opportunity to socialise with friends and bond with loved ones!


  • Techniques practice in pairs e.g. forehand/backhand ground stroke, serve, forehand/ backhand volley, smash
  • Sparring partners training 
  • Footwork in coordination in pairs (6 different movements, stance and recovery)
  • Rally (rally from service line)
  • Rules of tennis (scoring, point system, foot fault etc)
  • Mini games (singles/doubles)


As we grow older, our needs changes and we understand how that can be like. That is why we have designed tennis programs and courses just for adults like yourself. Whether you are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, bond with loved ones or simply want to learn tennis is an efficient way, we have it planned out for you! 

Family program

Come together as one family to learn tennis! Its a great way to bond and catch up, all while having a fun experience! Take turns serving tennis balls to each other leisurely and enjoy these interactive sessions!

Cardio program

If you are searching for a good cardio workout, look no further than what we have installed for you! Not only do you get to put your fitness to the test, we help you to push limits in a constructive and safe way, personalised according to your endurance level and stamina capacity!

Tennis fundamentals course (For beginners)

Looking for a quick and efficient way to pick up tennis within a short period of time? Then come and take this crash course with us that will provide you with the basic skills and essential knowledge that you need to get started! 

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